Online Banking and Bill Pay Security

At New Century Bank, you are protected - no matter where you are!

We take a proactive approach with your Online Banking account security. This feature not only allows us to authenticate it is really you logging into Online Banking; it also will prove you are at our valid web site and not an imposter site.

How we will authenticate you:

  • Registered Computer:
    For computers that you use regularly to access Online Banking, you will have the opportunity to “register” that computer with the online security system. Logging in using a known computer gives the security system another way of identifying you and makes for a shorter, more secure login process.
  • Challenge Questions:
    During your initial setup, you will select from numerous possible challenge questions and provide answers only you will know. The challenge questions will be used to help identify you when you are logging into Online Banking from an unknown computer.

How you authenticate us:

  • Welcome Phrase:
    You will have the ability to create your own unique welcome phrase that will appear every time you log in – ensuring that you are entering our Online Banking web site.
  • Security Image:
    You will also be able to choose your own unique image that will appear each time you log in. When you see the image you selected, you can have confidence you are in the right place.

Enrolling is easy...

On our web site, select Online Banking and complete the enrollment process. Within 24-hours, you will receive e-mail confirmation and will be able to securely log into Online Banking. Upon your first login, all you'll have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your User ID and click “Validate,” then enter your Password and click “Login.”
  2. Select your image and click “Accept Image.” You will then be asked to name your image and answer a few short security questions.
  3. Click “Preview” and confirm your data is correct, then select “Finished Login.” Once you have logged in, the first screen is the Account Summary screen. This is where you can view detailed transaction lists for any of your accounts, as well as view the account balance and transfer funds.

So secure, so simple — no matter where you are!

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Our new Online Banking and Bill Pay system is live!

Information about your log-in credentials (user ID and password) was provided in a letter mailed to your statement address. For your convenience, this information can also be accessed here >>

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